Spark Wine & Coffee Bar in GÜNDELI Nearing Completion by Tiffany Melancon

Melancon & Co. has designed the new Spark Wine & Coffee Bar located in the gastro-trend neighborhood 'Gundeli' in Basel.  Melancon & Co. provided the architectural design and execution as well as the interior concept for furnishing, finishes, lighting, and tableware.

Spark offers high-quality products sourced from Portugal in three menus: morning coffee and pastries, lunch-time eatery and take-away, and full-service dinner. The goal was to create a relaxed, 'lived-in' environment where customers feel equally at home for a morning coffee or evening glass of wine.

The architectural concept highlights the curated quality of Spark products; an oversized glass vitrine, a metal hanging rack with integrated lighting above the bar, and floor-to-celing wood shelving all showcase the carefully selected products. With a intentional mix of old and new elements, Spark is traditional Portuguese craft presented in a unexpectedly modern way.




Step by Step, UMBAU Schweizergasse Geht Weiter by Tiffany Melancon

How do you breath new life into an anonymous 1960's apartment house, to turn it into a personalized single family home? Step by step removal of interior walls, finishes, and windows; precise placement of new walls, windows and skylights; careful choice of new materials and lighting; and a lot of noise and debris along the way...

MFH Schweizergasse Renovation Begins by Tiffany Melancon


In the Bachletten neighborhood of Basel Stadt, a multi-unit apartment building from the 1960's is currently undergoing a complete exterior and interior renovation by Melancon & Co., in collaboration with architect Peter Flubacher, SIA. The four storey building will be converted into a single family residence on the upper two floors with a separately accessed office on the ground floor and basement below. Expected completion Summer 2017.

"On Relations in Architecture" Book Launch by Tiffany Melancon

Tiffany Melançon's essay about the challenges and potentials of continuity in architecture, as told through the "before and after" story of her Artist's Loft House project, has been included in Cartha Magazine's new book On Relations In Architecture, published by Park Books. Cartha launched the book on September 12th with a great Vernissage event at S AM - the Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel. Congratulations to the Cartha Team for their beautiful and thoughtful contribution to the world of print publishing.

House Extension At The Edge Of The Forest by Tiffany Melancon

At the edge of the Allschwiler forest near Basel, Melancon & Co. has planned an extension and renovation of a single family house from the 1970's.  The house has a large garden that opens onto the forest and the new owners sought an addition that would enlarge the living space while making better use of the unique situation and landscape. The extension will re-orient the public space of the house (living, kitchen and dining) towards the garden and make a 'seamless' transition between inside and outside. The siting exploits the natural contours of the garden and creates a rich interior/exterior spatial condition. In addition to the extension, the existing house will receive a complete renovation with a new roof, new facade, and new heating, electrical and plumbing.

St. Johann Apartment Nearing Completion by Tiffany Melancon

The renovation of the top floor apartment in a historic condo building in Basel's St. Johann neighborhood is nearing completion.  Existing walls between the kitchen and living rooms were removed, while part of the attic floor was cut away to create a high-ceilinged living dining space with an open gallery above. Newly installed skylights in the raised rear roof, enlarged window opening to the balcony, a custom steel spiral stair, as well as a new kitchen, bathrooms, lighting and finishes transformed the dark apartment into a modern, light-filled home. 

Eulerstrasse Top Floor Build Out Complete by Tiffany Melancon

Near Basel's city center, the top floor of a historic, single family townhouse has been reconfigured to accommodate a family's growing needs. A master suite with new master bath and walk in closet was created from combining two small bedrooms. The child's bedroom was redesigned with a new walk through closet and custom built cabinetry. Outside the bedrooms, the wall enclosing the main stair was demolished to create a light-filled common area with improved connection to the rest of the house. A new, large-format chalkboard niche grounds the space opposite the attic stair. More photos coming soon.... 


Artist's Loft House Essay in Cartha Magazine by Tiffany Melancon

Tiffany's Melançon's essay addressing the potentials and challenges of continuity in architecture was published in issue three of Cartha Magazine, a trimestral magazine about architecture and society. The issues of Cartha are presented on three platforms – a website, a free internet distributed publication, and printed posters. On Tuesday, 9 February 2016, Cartha editors will host an Apéro, presentation, and discussion at Depot Basel, place for contemporary design. The printed posters of the four issues of the “Relations” cycle will be available for taking.

US Architecture Students In Switzerland by Tiffany Melancon

Now In it's third year, the Tulane School of Architecture Switzerland Program introduces graduate and undergraduate students to sites of architectural significance across Switzerland. The 2015 program focused on the city of Basel in the first half, followed by the Swiss Alpine countryside in the second, exploring the complex meanings of urbanity in the small, seemingly rural country. The same as the previous two years, Tiffany developed, coordinated and acted as a faculty lead for the five-day program.

St. Johann Apartment Prepping for Construction by Tiffany Melancon

Melancon & Co. is planning the build-out and interior design for the top floor apartment of a historic condo building in Basel's St. Johann neighborhood.  Exisitng walls between the kitchen and living rooms will be removed, while the ceiling will be opened to create a double height space with a gallery/ guest sleeping loft above. Work includes bathroom and kitchen design, new stair design and all interior finishes and detailing. 

Eulerstrasse 2.OG Renovation Begins by Tiffany Melancon

Near Basel's city center, the top floor of a single family townhouse is being reconfigured to accommodate a family's growing needs. An existing small bathroom will be demolished while a second larger master bathroom will be built in a new location. A new interior window will borrow natural light from an exisiting sklight for the new bathroom. A wall between two small bedrooms will be demolished to create a new master bedroom with a spacious walk-in closet and the wall and door to the exisiting stair hall will be cut away to better connect the new bedrooms with each other and the rest of the house.

Basel Townhouse Renovation Complete by Tiffany Melancon

After more than a year of planning and construction, the Basel Townhouse owners have moved into their new home.

Melancon & Co., in building collaboration with Beck + Oser Architekten, executed the full gut-renovation, removing the roof, adding two floors and extending the ground floor at the rear. All interior walls and floors were demolished, rebuilt and refinished to make an entirely new townhome that retains the original character of the house.

International Practice Lecture in Rome by Tiffany Melancon

As part of their International Practice Lecture Series, the Rome Program of Tulane School of Architecture invited Tiffany to talk about architecture and urbanism in Switzerland. The one hour lecture focused on the political/ cultural context of building in Switzerland as told through the work of the two most important contemporary Swiss architecture practices – Herzog & de Meuron and Atelier Peter Zumthor.

Stadt / Land: Stories of Building in Switzerland described the historical and pervasive Swiss City/Countryside divide by looking at Herzog & de Meuron within the city of Basel (committed urbanists, active proponents of densification working on large-scale master plans around the globe) and Peter Zumthor in the Alpine countryside (the rural idealist, lone-working pastural craftsman and refuser of rapid growth).

The tension between the two and the place where their work overlaps is the heart of the Swiss building story. 

Architecture Tour Through Switzerland by Tiffany Melancon

For the second year in a row, Tiffany was pleased to welcome a group of architecture students and professors from Tulane University of New Orleans for a five-day architecture and urbanism tour through Switzerland. Tiffany designed and led the program to introduce students to the complex and multifacted conditions of building in a small country where nearly 70% of the territory is mountainous terrain, almost 40% of unbuilt land is protected farmland, and the pressure of growth from an increasing population is further challenged by political and ideological boundaries.  Architects and a highly engaged citizenry equally shape the built environment in Switzerland.

Basel Townhouse Renovation Begins, by Tiffany Melancon

Melancon & Co. is transforming a traditional 19th century rowhouse near Basel's Schutzenmattpark into a modern townhome for a family of four. In building collaboration with Beck + Oser Architekten, the full gut-renovation will remove the roof, add two floors and extend the ground floor at the rear. Earthquake code necessitates a 3-storey steel reinforcing frame so the entire rear facade will be removed and rebuilt into a transparent glass and steel structure. Click through to see more photos.

A unique quality of this property is its rear-yard situation. Because it is the second-to-last house on the closed city block, the adjacent corner building creates a high-walled 'outdoor garden room' nestled behind the house. One of the main goals of the new design is to treat this high wall and outdoor room as an extension of the living space, dissolving as much as possible the visual boundary between inside and outside. This will not only maximize natural light in the house but also make the rooms feel larger while bringing the experience of nature into the living environment.  

The Architect That Makes Everything by Tiffany Melancon

A major sponsor of architecture and design culture, Swiss Ceramics manufacturer Laufen Bathrooms invited Tiffany to curate their first Architecture During Art Symposium in the Laufen Forum. As Switzerland Section director of AIA Europe, Tiffany conceived and organized the symposium, hosted jointly by AIA Europe and Laufen Bathrooms, to bring a critical discussion of contemporary architecture to the context of Art Basel and Design/Miami Basel.

Presentations by Simon Frommenweiler of HHF Architects (Basel), Marc Fornes of Theverymany (NYC) and Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen of Snarkitecture (NYC), followed by a panel discussion moderated by Frame and Mark Magazines editor, Robert Thiemann, adressed the symposium theme – 'The Architect That Makes Everything.' Comparing today's architect to the 'Total Design' architect of the past, the Architecture During Art Symposium explored the rising role of the architect as the collaborative player, working simultaneously across the fields of architecture, art and design, and questioned its implications for the future of the profession.

"Small city - Big Buildings" article featured in The Basel Journal by Tiffany Melancon

Comparing the newly opened Basel Messe building by Herzog & de Meuron to the nearby Goetheanum by Rudolph Steiner, Tiffany's article "Small City - Big Buildings" was published in The Basel Journal, a bi-monthly print magazine about Basel culture. Referencing Christoph Heim's Bazler Zeitung review that described the Messe as a "UFO that has landed in Basel," Tiffany set out to find the link between it and the infamous building in Dornach often described as the 'Alien on the Gempen.'  It turns out that the history of the Goetheanum could teach many lessons about the controversial Messe in the city center.